As a small organization, our means are limited, but that does not deter us from contributing our 2 cents in the area of Local Community Support.

Supporting NGOs & Social Communities

Social Communities and NGOs are solving some of societies biggest problems and we have extended our support to a few of the local organizations where we have contributed to building their Digital Strategies.

Some of our work included:

Supporting Manasvardhan in its Digital Strategy. Manasvardhan a treatment and rehabilitation center for substance abusers as well as persons suffering from mental illness. Manasvardhan is recognized by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Govt of India.

Supported InsanyaYouth in its Social Media Outreach which was focused on their fundraising efforts for Thalassemia Awareness. Ishanya Youth is a socio- cultural group of the North-east students and young professionals in Maharashtra.