X-istech has been offering cutting edge software development and support services using the very latest technologies for over 16 years.

Our process that uses proven development models and best practices, which have evolved in the last 16 years, we have used to successfully deliver hundreds of projects. Our talented team of professionals include developers, designers and engineers who specialize in across-the-board software product design, engineering, system development and support services.


  • Software Product Ideation
  • Software Product Architecture
  • Software Product Design
  • Software Product Testing and QA
  • Migration and Porting
  • Technical Support
  • Product Sustenance

Delivering Agility with Scrum and DevOps

Our development practice uses Lean and Agile development processes at the very core of our service offerings. Thus offering best value while mitigating risks at all stages of development. Our reliance on modern DevOps and Continuous Engineering approach to software development offers agility, quality and saves time to market. Based on Continuous Delivery, Continuous Innovation and Continuous Learning our DevOps systems cover People, Process, Tools for automated and efficient collaboration amongst DevOps, Business, Consumers, and other Stakeholders.

Our Agile Project Management Process.

Our highly collaborating agile project management in the cornerstone of our track record of consistently delivering projects on time and budget. Our proven approach focuses careful planning where the project is analyzed to the minutest detail. And broken down into work backlogs and work sprints are planned around them for efficient execution of the project. Our process ensures the following: 

1. Priorities (product backlog) maintained by a dedicated role (product owner)
2. Development process and practices facilitated by a dedicated role (Scrum master)
3. Sprint planning meeting to create a sprint backlog
4. Time-boxed sprints producing potentially shippable output
5. Mutual commitment to sprint backlog between the product owner and the team
6. Short daily meeting to resolve current issues
7. Sprint review meeting to present completed work
8. Release planning to release product increments
9. The code is written to agreed standards
10. No functionality is added early
11. Refactor whenever and wherever possible
12. All code must have unit tests
13. All code must pass all unit tests before it can be released
14. When a bug is found tests are created
15. Acceptance tests are run often

Some of the benefits are

  • Faster Releases: Make your customers and users happy by consistently releasing the features they’ve been demanding.
  • Business Continuity: Increase agility and collaboration to ensure that your mission-critical applications are always available.
  • Faster Recovery: Always be prepared for an issue to arise. When they do, faster recovery time means less money lost and fewer angry users.
  • Lower Time to Market: Faster time to market results in lower overall costs and higher return on investment.
  • Improvement in code quality with continuous testing.
  • Short and frequent releases for quicker time to market.
  • Faster time to market with efficient sprint from proof of concept to release.
  • Continuous improvements with tight release management leads to greater flexibility with fewer mistakes

We rely on standards

We work with set processes in all 3 areas of web design and development (Graphic Web Design, HTML Interface Development and Web Programming). These processes with are adopted at various stages over last 9 years are based on hard-learned lessons and absolute must in success of any web project.

Web UI/UX Design

Our collaborative custom web design and graphics development process is discussed in detail in our web design section. We closely follow Web2.0 design patterns, W3C and WCAG web accessibility compliances for our website, application design, and content architecture to deliver aesthetics with usability.

UX Development
  • Programming and development of the entire system.
  • Module wise project releases.
  • Unit testing for all modules.
  • Module Integration and integration testing.
  • Alpha version deployment on staging server and user acceptance testing.
  • Module revisions on user acceptance testing.
  • Beta version release and deployment on live server and testing.
  • Final project release and handover.
We have adopted MVC architecture with OWASP for all our development (.Net, Java and PHP) since last 10 years. MVC allows fully object-oriented, scalable and flexible web solutions.
We combine all 3 facets of web design and development to ensure that you get the very best in web solutions from X-istech.