Recognizing the new paradigm of 24 x 7 connected consumers, our Digital Strategy Services enable organizations to create engaging digital experiences across every customer touchpoint, providing new opportunities for growth.

We help you develop a digital business strategy aligned to business objectives, leveraging digital capabilities and market advantages to produce sustainable competitive advantage.

Technology Adoption

Need to stay abreast of emerging technologies? Our technology stack of Cloud, REST, Big Data platforms may the answer you are looking for. Our technology consulting services allow you to take advantage of cloud technology platforms that are agile, cost-effective and seamlessly integrates all your digital outreach initiatives. If you have a need to upgrade your legacy enterprise apps to cloud we can help with solutions that can reduce operational cost by 40%.

Customer Analytics and Insights

Our Big Data / Analytics and research capabilities are central to our ability to improve business operations. We help companies harness big data and analytics to identify trends and issues, uncover new insights, find and prevent future risks, and provide decision support.

Digital Marketing Strategy and Campaign Management

We analyze your ecosystem to create a “customer 360” strategy, including the development of a marketing playbook for serving a range of consumer types (both B2B and B2C) across both digital and offline channels. Cognizant helps build consumer-oriented marketing with real-time views across advertising channels.

Customer Engagement Strategies

X-istech’s Customer Engagement Strategies helps companies leverage our expertise and experience to deliver personalized and engaging digital experiences and these involve:

  • Web strategy
  • Mobile strategy
  • Social strategy

Benefits of our Digital Strategy Services

  • Aligning digital strategy with corporate strategy to increase the ROI.
  • Connecting and analyzing customer data for new insights to increase sales, customer loyalty, and customer experience while reducing cost-to-serve
  • Infusing products and services with digitally enabled features to transform and improve the customer experience and increase product or service value
  • Engaging customers across traditional and digital channels with a consistent brand to improve return on marketing investment

Read our case study on Digital Strategy for Korangani Tea

The solution involved the flowing services:

Website Design, Website Development, User Interaction Design, UI / UX Development, WordPress Development, Inbound Marketing